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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 13, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PST

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welcome to "newsroom international." we're taking you around the world in 60 minutes. here's what's going on right now. this is what police believed was the final deadly shootout with the fugitive ex-cop. they think the man who killed four people died in that violent showdown. he barricaded himself in a cabin near big bear lake, california, yesterday. there was a shootout, a fire and a cabin that burned to the ground. forensics tests will determine whether or not the body found in those ashes is dorner. much more ahead on the dramatic developments.
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also, horrific deal at sea for 4,000 people. could finally be over in about 24 hours. tug boats are expected to bring in -- this is the crippled cruise ship carnival's "triumph" in mobile, alabama, tomorrow, some time tomorrow. we've been talking to passengers who say the conditions aboard this luxury liner are disgusting. we'll have a live report straight ahead. pope benedict xvi getting out in public again for the first time since announcing his resignation. right now, he is celebrating ash wednesday mass. marking the beginning of lent. the audience was also packed at the pope's weekly public appearance earlier today. pope benedict talked about his decision to step down at the end of the month calling it the right thing to do for the church. i want to bring you our top story. the ex-cop on a deadly vendetta. you have this frantic man hunt and then this is how police believe it all ended.
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video from cbs news captured this gun battle at a cabin in the woods. watch this. >> down! >> christopher dorner barricaded himself inside that cabin, which burned to the ground. a sheriff's deputy was killed in all of this. another wounded in that shootout. >> officer down, officer down. >> the officer down. >> medic ships in the air, medic ships in the air. >> officer down. >> another officer down. >> live from big bear lake, california, this is where all of this played out. it was quite dramatic. we have our crime and justice correspondent joe johns in washington. and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes via skype. let's taunt what we know. the very latest here, police are trying to confirm, a, that the
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body inside that cabin is christopher dorner. tell us how soon we'll know that confirmation, and walk us through what you think happened in the last final hours before that cabin burned down. >> reporter: yeah, they're going to have to go through forensic tests to confirm 100%, but we are quite certain it is mr. dorner. every official we speak to on or off the record is saying it is mr. dorner in there. there are local reports here in big bear that they found the license of mr. dorner in that cabin, as well. we also had it quite early on last night from federal officials that it was, in fact, mr. dorner, as well. so i think there is a sigh of relief, at least across san bernardino that has ramped down its man hunt for christopher dorner. they've taken down all road blocks, they did last night, it's very clear they do believe it is -- they have their man at this point. we probably won't know for perhaps some hours, perhaps days as to whether or not it is. really depends on whether they
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can get dental records for him and confirm it that way. >> and miguel, really quickly, walk us through the chain of events. >> yeah, what happened yesterday, you know, 12:22 in the afternoon, two cleaning ladies walk in on mr. dorner in a house right here in big bear. amazingly enough, that was about a mile, maybe less from where this man burned his truck last thursday and fled on foot. he was hiding right under the nose of san bernardino sheriff's office. he then tied them up, he stole their car. he took off, they were able to make a 911 call to report the stolen car on the way there, a warden for the game and fish department saw the purple car that was reported stolen, saw dorner in it or somebody resembling dorner, gave chase, a shootout ensued between them, the purple car is now out of commission. dorner takes -- runs into the
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woods, steals a truck, hijacks a truck on the road. that truck he then crashes about 20 miles down the road here, goes into a cabin in seven oaks and that's where the shootout with deputies ensues. it sounds like now that i'm hearing better sound, by the way, of that video, it sounds like those are outgoing shots. those would be from officers firing into the cabin that he picked up. so it sounds like there was a very big fire fight from outside. gas at some point was entered into that house. it is not clear whether mr. dorner set that fire himself, perhaps hoping to create a diversion or whether the gas that the authorities were pumping into that house sent it ablaze and then it -- it turned into what he could not escape from. >> i want to bring in joe johns, a lot of questions about the fire, the fact this cabin was lit, it was set on fire, there's an audiotape that is played, and we believe that it's police that are heard, burn it down before this cabin goes up in flames.
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what do we know about what they knew at the time that they set this cabin ablaze and whether or not they knew there was someone who was alive inside? dorner alive inside? >> right. first thing i think we have to say is we don't know a lot about that right now. you're hearing a lot of excited chatter on the tape. no explanations as of yet, suzanne. it's obviously not police procedure, at least best practices to try to burn a building down with someone in it. but i also have to point out and i think miguel has pointed out that when you hear people talking about burners that sometimes refers to tear gas canisters. but as we look at transcripts from the police communications -- >> let's listen in. let's listen in to actually what was on that audiotape. >> burn it down. >> shoot the gas. >> get the gas. >> burning gas, burning gas. >> burning gas. >> joe, what are we listening
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to? >> what you're listening to, apparently, is law enforcement authorities on the ground who have introduced some type of canisters, probably tear gas canisters into the situation. and it's clear they're looking for this man to come out of the house and he didn't. but one of the most important things, i think, that we haven't played a lot is pretty clear from the transcripts that it sounds like there was one shot fired from inside of the building. and that raises a whole question of whether it was the fire, suzanne that killed the person inside or if, in fact, that one shot was a suicide shot that the man actually killed himself, which would sort of belay all of these other questions about whether the fire actually killed him. so that's something that medical examiners are certainly going to
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have to lock at aok at. >> so i want to bring in tom. you've done hostage negotiations for years now. and you listen to this, does it strike you as odd to hear this audiotape? what do you make of this? >> no, i agree, suzanne, it does sound odd. it sounds at first blush, it sounds unprofessional and the s.w.a.t. team leader or whoever is at that scene issuing that command on the radio is overly excited if you will, but it's hard to tell. we don't know what was going on exactly at the scene. we don't know if they'd taken shots at them and, you know, in returning fire. didn't know if he was going to continue to fire at them. we don't have the whole picture yet, but it's clear that there will have to be, you know, some further explanation about what's occurring by the sheriff's
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office. >> does it sound like, you know, in light of what the tape reveals that they knew whether or not dorner was alive or dead before they decided that they were going to set the cabin on fire? >> no, i don't know. i couldn't tell for sure right now whether that's what they believed at that moment. i don't think they would care about burning the building down. i think there's a lot of excitement going on and a lot of, you know, worry, i guess on the part of the police that if he keeps firing that's going to kill another person. . do it by that. >> what is the one burning question that you have, tom, when you look at the confusion, the questions, the audiotape, the pictures of the cabin on fire and as we await for the
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confirmation of whether or not this really is dorner inside? >> well, from my standpoint, i would want to know step by step what occurred, what the police knew, how they went about their business. in setting up the perimeter around that cabin, when the shots were originally fired, the original shootout, where the deputy was killed and then what went on after that. i think i would like to see the whole time line of what occurred. and, of course, that's not going to come out for a long time by the sheriff's office. but i would like to see the review of exactly what happened -- >> sure. >> and how it progressed from the time of the original shootout at that cabin until the fire started. >> yeah, a lot of unanswered questions, tom, we appreciate it. and we'll be searching for those answers, as well, tonight at 8:00 eastern. anderson cooper devoting an entire hour to this frenzied man hunt. the final shootout, the timetable, of course, that we
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have been looking and searching for and the victims that were left behind from this cop who went on this shooting rampage. it is called nine days of terror, the hunt for christopher dorner. anderson cooper "360" tonight at 8:00 eastern on cnn. taking you now to the gulf of mexico. we've been following this story. this is where more than 4,000 folks trapped on four days aboard this cruise ship. it is in deplorable conditions. triumph being towed at this hour, it's expected to dock in mobile, alabama. that is earlier -- early tomorrow afternoon, actually. and, of course, can't come soon enough for all of these people who are dealing. what are they dealing with? they're dealing with limited food, overflowing sewage, it's a hot, stuffy ship. carnival ceo jerry kahill offered an apology yesterday. he says here, no one here at carnival is happy about the conditions onboard this ship.
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we are very sorry about what's taking place. david mattingly, first of all, i imagine that there are people who have already started to make their way there to meet with the folks who have been stuck on this ship. when do we think that's going to happen, the reunion? >> reporter: well, that's going to happen probably about the middle of tomorrow afternoon. the ship's about 150 miles offshore right now. they're being tugged along about 5 to 7 miles per hour. very, very slow journey home. and you were talking about the apology that came from the officials yesterday. what's probably going to speak louder, when all of these people finally get off of that ship here is going to be that hotel room that's waiting for them. the carnival cruise line has set up hotel rooms for everybody here. they're going to be getting off, they're going to be getting their first hot showers. they're going to be able to sleep in a clean, dry bed, they're going to get hot meals. that is going to mean so much to all of those people who are now entering multiple days now at sea with those conditions of the
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raw sewage that's coming up from the plumbing, no electricity, no air-conditioning. so this is going to be a huge relief when they get here. the city of mobile is also going to have medical personnel here available for them to perform any sort of quick examinations to provide them with medical assistance if anybody needs that when they get off the ship. you can bet -- it's not much to look at here, this is a small little facility that was built to handle cruise ships to facilitate people getting off the ships on to buses, on to whatever destination they have. but you can bet when they get here, this is going to look like paradise to those 31 passengers and the crew can't be in good shape either. >> i can only imagine, david. you know, hot shower goes a long way. but i imagine they also too want more compensation. is carnival saying, look, they're going to give them any money, anything else for this horrific ordeal they've been going through for four days? >> reporter: well, first of all,
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they're not going to have to pay for this trip, wow, yeah. and then after that, carnival is saying that they will provide them with a credit for another cruise should they decide they want to try this again. that's what they're offering right now. of course there's probably going to be all sorts of legal cases coming up about this. >> i can only imagine. >> people seeing all sorts of claims coming out from this. >> i want to bring in one of the folks we've been talking to throughout the week. one of those family members who has been waiting for the ship to dock. and brent, first of all, i have to ask you because your wife bethany has been on that ship for four days and you've been talking to her telling us what she's been going through. are you going to try this thing again? does the compensation sound good? you get your money back. is that good enough for you? >> well, no, not really. i mean the compensation, it's not even worth it. first of all, we only paid $350 for her to go on this cruise. her safety and her well being is
9:17 am
worth a whole lot more than $350. and then a free cruise after that, i promise you, none of my family members that are on there will probably ever ever take another cruise. >> would you sue, brent? do you feel that upset about this whole thing? >> well, i mean, it's pretty gut wrenching and all that. i have reached out to an attorney in florida and i spoke with them and all and everything. and they said really and truly, there's not much that can really be done about it. and so -- i only reached out to them only because whenever i spoke with my wife, there's people on the ship giving out phone numbers for attorneys and all and everything. so my wife -- >> when's the last time you talked to your wife? how is she doing? >> well, i talked to her monday about noon. and i mean she was still not doing very good and all, but she was pretty hopeful they would have been home before now. but i mean, they're not coming
9:18 am
home until tomorrow now. it keeps getting later and later. and with all the conditions and stuff, i mean -- i don't know, you just feel bad. >> yeah, we feel bad for you, brent. and i know you're going to be heading over to alabama. we're going to keep up with you tomorrow. see if we can't actually talk with your wife and see how she's doing when she gets there. thanks so much. hang in there. we've got more we're working for on "newsroom international." this is pretty interesting. gangnam style was the dance craze of the decade, you might think so, right? well, move over, psi, we'll show you how to do the harlem shake. the new move that is taking dance floors swimming pools by storm all over the world. i'm not kidding. not everybody excited about valentine's day either. going to tell you about the beatings that unmarried couples in india are taking from hool hooligans.
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tragic story. this is brazil where three people were killed instantly, electrocuted when the carnival float they were pushing hit overhead power lines. fourth person who tried to help them was also electrocuted and also died. started a fire, knocked out power to thousands of homes. >> over the next year, another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. >> that is part of last night's state of the union address that was welcome news, of course, to the president of afghanistan. statement from president hamid karzai calls the drawdown announcement something his country, quote, has wanted so long now. president obama says by the end of next year, the u.s. war in afghanistan will be over. in eastern afghanistan, there is word that it is now happened again. a nato air strike killing civilians. we're hearing this from a spokesman east of kabul.
9:23 am
he says a nato strike killed three taliban commanders who were apparently targeted but also tenan civilians were kille. nato is investigating this claim. valentine's day, yeah? love, flowers for most of us. but in one part of northern india, some radical hindus are angry about it. they are beating up people in the streets. i want to bring in michael holmes to talk about this. just look at this. look at the video, first of all. >> it's amazing. >> all right. so why is this going on? i mean, what's the big deal? what's happening? >> basically what you've got here. these people were in a restaurant, guys and girls in a restaurant having a nice meal. it's coming up to valentine's day. what you're seeing there are elements of -- they're part of a hindu nationalist group there, sort of a militant wing of a militant group if you like.
9:24 am
they disapprove of valentine's day. they say that valentine's day is part of the corrosive influence of western imperialism and that it shouldn't go on that it promot promotes -- they drag them out in the streets and carry on like this. >> how do they know these are unmarried couples? are they watching them? following them on the streets? how do they do this? >> they do that. they find out -- they go in and ask them. if you're not married, they drag them out. if they're having a one-on-one dinner or even in groups of fours. this is not a widespread attitude i've got to say. this is only happening in parts of india. you look at bollywood and alike, and you can see that young people generally have a fairly relaxed attitude. but this is just the disgrace. got to say, the cops are looking for these guys. >> that's a good thing. and you've got these students out there who are marching. seems like they've figured out, look, this is kind of crazy that's going on in the streets. >> yeah, there is opposition to
9:25 am
it. interestingly, one of the opposition parties also opposes valentine's day, but not in the radical way we're seeing from that other group. but there are people out there using valentine's day to promote women's rights, as well. so looking at the more positive side of valentine's. >> are you a big valentine's guy? >> i am not. you're going to hate me for this, i'm one of those who just abhors it. every day is valentine's day. if you're with somebody, every day is valentine's day. don't tell me to go buy flowers. i do it every week anyway. >> all right. you're a romantic anyway. tell me about this other story. this is out of australia, your home country. big change when it comes to the population. what's going on? >> it is. what happened in parliament, there was an official change to recognize or vote to unanimously pass the bill in parliament to recognize aboriginal as the original people in australia,
9:26 am
you think this would've happened a couple of hundred years ago, but it has not. they're going to look to change the constitution and finally recognize the indigenous people as the original landowners. it's about time. >> yeah, about time. and they've gotten an apology before. how did this change things? >> there was an official apology by the then prime minister. this is now got to be said the opposition leader everyone e everybody'sen o the same page. saying we've got to pass this, get the constitution to recognize the status of people. it was only in the mid-'60s that they actually got the right to vote officially. >> how do you feel about this? >> it's absurd it's taken so long is my attitude. and the attitude of most australians. when it was voted in the '60s to sort of recognize aboriginal people if you like as being part of the census. this only happened in 1967, 90% back then voted in favor of it.
9:27 am
really? we haven't done this already? so change the constitution, make it official. >> it's about time. >> it's way beyond about time. >> yeah, i'm going to say happy valentine's to you a day early. >> thank you and happy valentine's to you every day. every day is valentine's day. we're going to bring you live, of course, the president after the state of the union address, he's taking his show on the road, if you will, the plans that he outlines and bring it up to you next. live pictures, asheville, north carolina. patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere,
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fresh off his state of the union address, the president taking his plans on the road, show on the road. the president visiting an engine and transmission plant in north carolina. he's talking jobs here. he's emphasizing economic growth, job creation, of course, in the state of the union message, the president has two more stops this week. tomorrow in atlanta, friday in chicago. let's listen in a little bit. >> and i just want everybody here to know at this plant, everybody in asheville, everybody in north carolina, and everybody all across the country, i want you to know as long as you're out here fighting every day to better your lives
9:31 am
and to better the lives of your children, then i'll be back in washington fighting for you. i will be back there fighting for you. because there's nothing we can't do and no possibilities we can't reach when we're working together. we just have to work together. we've got to stop with some of the politics that we see in washington sometimes that's focused on who's up and who's down. and let's focus on the same kind of common sense and cooperation we're seeing at this plant and we see across the country. all right? so thank you, everybody, god bless you. god bless america. >> president wrapping up his remarks there, pretty brief. of course, he's going to be here in atlanta tomorrow. he's going to be taking his show on the row and talking a little bit more about job creation and the push for further tax reform. now this guy -- well, this time
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for less than $2 a day. helping protect your business is our business. adt. always there. thanks for staying with "newsroom international" where we take you around the world in 60 minutes. here's what we are keeping our eyes on now. >> this is what you're listening to. this is what you're hearing. this is what police believe was the final deadly shootout with a fugitive ex-cop. they think the man who killed four people died in that last violent showdown. we're talking about, of course, christopher dorner who barricaded himself in this cabin in california yesterday. so the shootout happens, then this fire erupts.
9:36 am
the cabin burns to the ground. forensics tests will determine whether or not the body found in those ashes is dorner. we're going to have much more ahead on the dramatic developments at the top of the hour. and while a gun battle was going on in california as you saw it there, the president was getting ready for his state of the union speech in washington. he addressed everything from gun control to immigration to tax reform. listen. >> now is our best chance for bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform that encourages job creation and helps bring down the deficit. we can get this done. the american people deserve a tax code that helps small businesses spend less time filling out complicated forms and more time expanding and hiring. a tax code that ensures billionaires with high-powered
9:37 am
accountants can't work the system and pay a lower rate than their secretaries. when we harness the talents and ingenuity of striving, hopeful immigrants. and right now, leaders from the business, labor, law enforcement, faith communities, they all agree that the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform. now is the time to do it. now's the time to get it done. each of these proposals deserves a vote in congress. now -- if you want to vote no, that's your choice. but these proposals deserve a vote. because in the two months since newtown, more than 1,000
9:38 am
birthdays, graduations, anniversaries have been stolen from our lives by a bullet from a gun. >> of course, republicans on the tea party movement aren't onboard with the president's plan. right now in washington, the nomination of president obama's choice for defense secretary is now moving to the full senate, the armed services committee narrowly approved chuck hagel's nomination yesterday. the vote was right along party lines. senator john mccain blasted hagel's performance before the committee. >> the performance before this committee was the worst that i've seen of any nominee for office. he refused to answer a simple straightforward question. as to whether the surge was a success or not and whether he supported it or not. >> in london, there is a new phone-hacking scandal at a tabloid already brought down by hacking. we're talking about rupert murdoch's old newspaper "news of
9:39 am
the world." six former staffers have now been arrested, accused of listening to people's private voice mails. the victims have not been identified in this case. now, police say the incidents happened somewhere between 2005, 2006, that is around the same time "news of the world" was implicated in a much bigger hacking scandal involving crime victims, celebrities, even the royal family. actor matt damon is on strike, not from hollywood, but from the bathroom. >> until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. yeah? >> what? >> i'm not going to go to the bathroom. >> whoa. >> yeah, go ahead. >> do you mean literally, like you won't go to the bathroom but you'll go somewhere else. like maybe a swimming pool? >> you're the reporter, you do
9:40 am
the math. >> november 19th -- >> that's so funny. damon created -- it's a fake news conference, of course. he's trying to draw attention to a big problem, the world's water and sanitation process. he's behind a project to provide safe water, clean water for hundreds of communities. now, the video, of course, it's featured on website clean water, it's been a mission of damon's since 2009 when he co-founded >> pretty funny stuff. it's an ancient sport, one of the world's oldest. why is the olympic committee suddenly dising wrestling? [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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one of the world's oldest sports might actually now be cut from the olympic games. wrestling has always been part of the olympics, but yesterday
9:44 am
the international olympic committee recommended it be dropped from the summer games beginning in 2020. don, why? why wrestling? >> well, the isc had to pick on one sport. they want to keep the olympics in check. it becomes more and more popular with the amount of athletes arriving. and they want to keep that number at about 10,500. and they wanted to get rid of one sport. everybody thought it was going to be the modern pentathalon. >> is it really declining in popularity? you see the guys in high school wrestling and the only place they've got to go is the olympics, that's where they compete. >> and there are an awful lot of countries up in arms about this. the united states are livid, russia, furious, bull bulgaria, cuba, they're not happy about this at all. especially when i don't think they saw this coming.
9:45 am
it's a sport everybody thought was going to go. that, by the way -- >> how chome? >> well, how popular is that? >> tell me what it is. >> it is shooting, fencing, 200-meter swimming, jumping, and a 3-k run. you can do that in the olympics anyway, why do you have to have that whole event for that? and it was very well organized. the lobbyists are very strong, they knew how to safeguard against the politics and the internal politics of the international olympic committee. and wrestling wasn't as organized. but it might not be the end for them. the chief of the international olympic committee has spoken today and it sounds like wrestling might get back in. >> the vote of yesterday is not an elimination of wrestling from the olympic games. i want to be very clear on that. first of all, wrestling will participate in the games in rio de janeiro. so to the athletes who train
9:46 am
now, i say continue training for your participation in rio. and the federation is working towards the inclusion in the 2020 games. >> the ioc are definitely hearing the backlash from wrestling fans all around the world. but what it's going to do now is persuade the ioc that it's worth being put back into the olympics. and it's going to have to go back up against seven other sports. >> something's got to go, right? >> there are eight sports trying to get back in. baseball and softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboarding and wushu. those and wrestling are now going to be campaigning to be allowed back in. the ioc will make a recommendation in may and vote on it in september. >> i'm going with karate. i'm going with karate. >> don, nice to see you. get back to us. let us know. >> will do. well, just because you're a rocket scientist doesn't mean
9:47 am
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back to you. european ministers, they are meeting right now over a horse meet scandal. that's right. products labeled beef parts of horse meat, sold in uk and france. this meeting comes a day after british police raided a
9:50 am
slaughter house and meat company in new england. it's believed to have supplied horse carcasses to a firm and then sold the meat as beef for burgers. they say it's in no way a health hazard, but critics questioned whether or not it contained a drug used by vets on horses. and in london today, you might call it the royal rumble. that is right, the angry buckingham palace in one corner, italian gossip magazine in the other. all about katherine, the duchess of cambridge. and the magazine now, well, it's running vacation pictures of the couple on a beach showing the obviously pregnant duchess in a bikini. the palace calls it an invasion of privacy. the magazine's publishers say the royals are overreacting, that the pictures simply show a couple in love. some big names in the audience for the president's state of the union address last night, of course on the guest
9:51 am
list, everybody you'd expect, supreme court justices, cabinet members, friends of the president. but, apparently, if you help send a rover to mars and rock a cool hair style, you also get an invite. jeannie moos reports on nasa's mohawk guy. >> reporter: his mohawk blasts her bangs right out of this world. remember mohawk guy? the mars rover flight director who cried when "curiosity" landed on mars. >> touchdown confirmed. we're safe on mars. >> he gave a high five and ever since at least his hair's been high. >> leaning forward so we can see the top. >> sure. >> reporter: he's definitely no show off, though he will show all sides. this is his state of the union look. since the rover landing, he's changed his mohawk to note accomplishments on mars. the dots symbolize chloromethane, and these are morse code for the jet
9:52 am
propulsion laboratory. when the science adviser called to tell him that the first lady was inviting him to the state of the union. >> i told him i needed a minute to breathe. >> it's been a whirlwind from being mentioned by the president in a phone conversation with the mars "rover" team. >> i understand there's a special mohawk guy working on the mission. >> fans have painted him, turned him into a yarn doll and used a look alike to create a parody music video to the tune of "sexy and i know it." ♪ got stars on my hawk and i ain't afraid to show it ♪ >> reporter: he thinks it's all great, though he gets shy about the marriage proposals and fan love. >> yeah, hmm. >> his hair style, by the way, is not some do-it-yourself mohawk. it's done by a salon. don't worry, i'm not going to
9:53 am
ask how much it costs. >> that's all right. >> how much does it cost? >> reporter: of all the tributes floating around the internet, this is one of his favorites. you'll never get a good job with a haircut like that. but you might get to the state of the union. jeannie moos, cnn, new york. >> congratulations to him. so what does love boat, elvis presley, and elizabeth taylor all have in common? we'll take you on a trip to acapulco. (phone ringing)
9:54 am
good afternoon. chase sapphire. (push button tone) this is stacy from springfield. oh whoa. hello? yes. i didn't realize i'd be talking to an actual person. you don't need to press "0," i'm here. reach a person, not a prompt whenever you call chase sapphire. why should saturday night have all the fun? get two times the points on dining in restaurants, with chase sapphire preferred.
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9:56 am
elizabeth taylor, frank sinatra, they used to vacation there, but for years acapulco, mexico, has been struggling to regain the star status. the recent rape of six spanish tourists, of course, did not help the resort's reputation. but officials are hoping to restore tourist confidence and boost the numbers. nick parker tells us how. >> it's one of acapulco's most celebrated spectacles. nighttime cliff diving still attracts tourists, but the city's security problems have taken a toll. >> couple of years ago we received like maybe 25, 30 boats here in acapulco. so now we have none.
9:57 am
>> i was scared. but the people say there is no worry about it. so we are all right now. >> reporter: in its heyday, the city had famous visitors. the memories are preserved at the hotel. the hotel says the occupancy has come back from the depths of 2011 when drug cartel violence was at its worst. a high-profile presence of security forces in tourist areas has helped. >> i think you can see and you can tell by the number of tourists coming back to acapulco that things in that acapulco area are getting safer and better. >> reporter: the resort city remains heavily dependent on tourism, which officials say last year brought in more than $2 billion. now mostly from mexican tourists. acapulco was blessed with great natural beauty. this iconic bay is surrounded by mountains. it has a wide sandy beach and
9:58 am
it's sunny, nearly all year round. >> reporter: it's a glossy image being marketed by acapulco. the international production may help improve the city's violent reputation. we visited the set, which was just along the coast from the downtown area in so-called new acapulco. roberto is one of the stars and his family are powerful business figures in acapulco. >> it's not that bad, you know. we're filming here and nothing has happened. i see all the people walking on the beach. but, you know, in this business, in the tourist business, if you get bad publicity, then you don't get the people. >> reporter: it is a pivotal time for acapulco. tourist numbers had improved in recent months and the overall impact of the latest violence remains an open question. nick parker, cnn, acapulco, mexico. next story, we love this one, gangnam style and, of course, it was the dance craze of the decade, so you might think. well, watch this, we are
9:59 am
watching the harlem shake. people around the world dancing to this. we're going to show you how it's done. why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
10:00 am
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10:02 am
stands around. and then the beat drops, everybody in the room goes crazy, begins to join in. people of all ages. you can see here uploading videos of themselves doing it. even the men's swim team at the university of georgia. they went even further. this is under water. no masks, just kind of doing it. he released the song last year, it has now skyrocketed on the internet. >> this is cnn news room. it was a videotaped, put online, this video went viral. you're watching it here. it shows a young teenager in newark, new jersey, forced to strip naked repeatedly whipped with a belt. the victim reportedly targeted because his father owed the
10:03 am
attackers $20. at least one person has now been arrested and charged. newark mayor cory booker is talking about this right now. let's actually listen in. >> in four days by february 12th, all of the people who are responsible for this heinous, vicious, cruel crime were apprehended. i want to express gratitude, again, to the work of the newark police department. our police director will come forward in a moment and give more details on the investigation. i want to again thank the hundreds if not thousands of individuals who reached out to me, who reached out to the city, who called 911 and let us know what was going on and what went on in mid-august. i want to say two points before
10:04 am
i ask the director to come up that i think are important. first and foremost, this is not who we are. we are newark, new jersey. we do not tolerate this level of cruelty, of callous disregard for the dignity of humanity. we do not tolerate this viciousness. we do not tolerate this kind of evil in our community. this is not who we are. we are a community of love, we are a community of compassion. i have seen degrees of heroism, acts of kindness. over my last seven years as mayor that have stirred my heart and fueled my passion and belief in who we really are. and so to see something like this happen, it is a blow to the conscience of our community. it is a blow to the strength and to all who we say we are.
10:05 am
and so for everyone in this community who condemns this violence, i thank them. but i also want to take a moment and tell the truth. it is my belief, and we have strong reason to believe that there were others who saw this crime happen who witnessed this type of vicious brutality and said nothing. this crime in august was not reported. no one called 911. in the face of evil, those who remain quiet are participants in that evil. it is said the only thing necessary for evil to be triumphant is for good people to
10:06 am
do nothing. we are better than this. this was able to transpire, this evil was able to fester months went by and nothing happened. because people chose to be silent. and i understand, there's a reason to be silent. i understand. there's fear of your own safety and security. i understand these characters were well known in the community. i understand what their reputations were. but that -- it is still not an excuse to remain silent. newark is on a journey of recovery. it is on a journey of resurgence. we are transforming ourselves because of the strength of this community. we may not have stamped out all the evil here, but the reality is, we're turning the corner
10:07 am
because good people are doing things, saying things, acting. and so i just conclude before bringing up director demayo to say this did not have to be months until a young man received justice, months until those who were responsible were apprehended. this did not have to be. director, please come forward and give more details in the investigation. did our mike go out? no, it's back. >> thank you, mayor. i first just want to recognize some of the members up with us from the new york police department. members from our special investigation unit. >> clearly the mayor disturbed be this. cory booker. it was six months ago that this young man in that videotape, in that youtube tape that was put out there had been beaten.
10:08 am
and this video had just come to light this week. so he's clearly very upset and he's upset, he says, look, four people have been arrested for this beating, but there were people standing around who were watching this who didn't call 911, who didn't do anything about it. and he says they too are partly responsible for what has happened to this young man. and he says we are better than this. we're going to have an update on this story, but clearly, this is something that a lot of folks are talking about. how could this happen in this community? and the fact that nothing got done in six months or so until it became viral video when it was released and more than 40,000 people watched that video and then they went after the guys who did this, allegedly uh did this. four of them now in custody. we're also following this story. this the ex-cop, the deadly vendetta that ends in the violent showdown. this is video, this is from cbs news and it was captured. what happened, the gun battle at the cabin in the woods. that concluded.
10:09 am
police say that christopher dorner, you see him there, barricaded himself inside the cabin, which we saw burn to the ground. a sheriff's deputy was killed, another wounded in that shootout. los angeles police say even if dorner is dead, the case is not over. >> we have homicide investigations, you know, the fact that the incident transpired yesterday and, you know, we won't speculate at this point whether that is christopher dorner or not, but even if it was to be christopher dorner, again, we have a case to close. just because arrest warrants were issued and charges were filed in riverside, there's still a case pending in irvine of the double homicide. and so there's much work to be done. >> i want to bring in our miguel
10:10 am
marques in big bear lake, california. got a lot of questions for you here. first of all, do we know -- i mean everybody suspects that dorner is dead. what do they have to do to ultimately confirm it. >> well, they're going to have to do it by forensics, it would be easiest, obviously, and quickest, and they could get a quick tell from dental records. it's not clear how much of the body was left, may be tattoos they can identify very quickly. the other thing we should keep in mind is i understood his cell phone popped on yesterday, so they may have a very clear sense it was him in that, but obviously they wanted to get either a voice recognition or something, so there are several ways they could go at this. but my guess is because the high-profile nature of this and because of everything they found in that cabin so far, they will be fairly quick to turn this around, suzanne. >> all right, miguel. a lot of questions are surfacing about this scanner traffic conversations. whether or not the police are actually heard saying burn it down before they fire at the cabin, believe it or not they know if dorner is alive and inside, i want you to listen to
10:11 am
this portion. >> we have a fire. >> we have a fire. >> guys, be ready on the number four side, we have a fire in the front, he might come out the back. >> miguel, what are we learning from this video, from this audiotape? >> yeah, we've cleaned that up so well. it is difficult to know what they mean by burners. two things, i don't know that the proper s.w.a.t. team was on location there. the two deputies that were shot early on, i don't think were part of a proper s.w.a.t. team that responded to that location. they had it surrounded. i know they did -- san bernardino did have a s.w.a.t. team on call. u.s. marshals were also here. but it's not clear they got to that location in time before all of that occurred. from federal law enforcement officials, i did understand they were going in with gas.
10:12 am
it is not clear what they mean by burners. and that will be a question we have for the sheriff's office. they have been unable to comment on that today so far. whether they mean those are gas canisters, because they're concerned, it's not very clear what they are talking about there. >> okay. >> reporter: it would not be likely that any law enforcement would choose to burn down a house in order to get somebody out. but it doesn't -- it's very unclear what they mean at the moment. >> a lot of questions to be answered there. thank you very much, appreciate it. christopher dorner's violent rampage had the city of los angeles, the entire area really on edge. the vendetta left four people dead. earlier today on cnn, the mayor antonio villaraigosa talked about the fear around this. >> i got to talk to the people that were targeted. and i can tell you almost to the person, they weren't worried about themselves. remember, he targeted innocent
10:13 am
people, their families. children. this was a terrorizing experience for these officers and these people because they weren't the only targets. their families were targets. >> family, fellow police officers, they are now gathering at this hour for the funeral of one of christopher dorner's victims. officer michael crain, with the police department in riverside, california, for 11 years. he was a former marine who served two tours of duty in kuwait. officer crain is survived by a wife and two children. anderson cooper is devoting his entire hour to this manhunt, the shootout, and, of course, not to forget the victims of all of this. nine days of terror, the hunt for christopher dorner, tonight 8:00 eastern on cnn. here's what we're also working on for this hour. gross, disgusting, that's how it's being called a ship
10:14 am
stranded at sea. situation not going to end until tomorrow. >> they deserve a vote. and the president paying tribute to victims of gun violence. we're going to meet the congressman who brought them to the state of the union address. and a new study now finds folic acid may reduce the risk of autism. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health
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right now they're only $14.95! wow-a grt deal just got a whole lot better. hurry. $14.95 won't last. she called me about 1:00 monday. and she was hysterical. mommy, it's so scary. i'm so scared, i want to come home. i love you. please, come get me. you know. and -- sorry? i was like, where's your dad? she said, well, he's inside. if i take the phone inside, i'll lose connection. i said, well, okay, i'll be there for you, i'll meet you wherever the boat's going to end up. i don't know what's going on, mommy's going to be there. and she got the phone to her dad and he called me. >> that was kim. obviously emotional about -- this is the distress her 10-year-old daughter is aboard that crippled cruise ship, carnival's "triumph" being towed at this hour. expected to dock in mobile,
10:18 am
alabama, early tomorrow afternoon. more than 400 miles from where it was supposed to end up. this is a hot, stuffy ship, it's been oozing sewage, loaning ominously in the wind since a fire knocked out power four days ago. "triumph's" troubles already causing problems for carnival's other ships, as well. other passengers have been told their trips have now been called off. >> we've canceled the next two cruises. so as soon as we can make a little bit further evaluation of subsequent how long the repairs might take, all right, we will notify guests there's going to be any additional cancellations. it's too soon for us because we have not been able to get our technicians onboard the ship to evaluate things. >> so if nothing else bad happens, the ship could dock tomorrow, should dock in mobile by 3:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00 p.m. local time. david mattingly is in mobile.
10:19 am
so this isn't anywhere near the ship was supposed to land. so how are they managing to get folks, once they get off the ship, to get to their homes, where they need to be, and what are they providing them? >> reporter: carnival has arranged for several flights that are going to be departing from regional airports around mobile that will take passengers to houston, texas, from there they will disperse, go back to their homes wherever they came from to catch that cruise originally. but before that, they've also arranged for hotel rooms. this is going to be a very happy ho homecoming right here in mobile when they get off of that boat. when they get on to dry land, that means they're going to be a short bus ride away from a hotel room where they're going to get a hot shower, the first one they've had in five days, a hot meal, a soft, dry bed, and, of course, they won't have the smell of sewage around them that they've been living with for those days, as well.
10:20 am
so this is going to be a time for them to get themselves back together to rest up a little bit before they take those flights back to texas. >> and, david, for the last couple of days, we've had a chance to, you know, talk to folks onboard as well as their relatives who have been hearing for them sporadically. very unsanitary, the conditions there. i imagine, will there be doctors, nurses to check people out, see if they are healthy if they're okay? >> well, actually, the city of mobile is being very proactive about that. they're going to have medical personnel here for the people that as soon as they get off the boat, they're going to be able to perform some quick evaluations for anybody who might need it, be able to check them out. that's just something that the city of mobile is going to be providing. they offered that even before we heard from the officials at carnival. so that's going to be available to them. we don't know if anybody actually is going to need any sort of medical attention when they get here, but that will be available right here before they
10:21 am
even get to their hotel rooms. >> thank you, david, appreciate it. i'm sure they're looking forward to that hot shower. thanks. president obama delivered the state of the union address last night, now he's taking his message on the road. we're going to take a look at what he needs to do to move forward. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes. there's a lot i had to do... watch my diet. stay active. start insulin... today, i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said that with novolog® flexpen, i don't have to use a syringe and a vial or carry a cooler. flexpen® comes prefilled with fast-acting insulin used to help control high blood sugar when you eat. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no drawing from a vial. you should eat a meal within 5 to 10 minutes after injecting novolog® (insulin aspart [rdna origin] injection).
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pope benedict xvi is getting out in the public again for the first time since announcing his resignation. right now, he's celebrating ash wednesday mass marking the beginning of lent. huge crowds have turned out to see him as always. the audience was also packed at the pope's weekly public appearance earlier today. pope benedict talked about his decision to step down at the end of the month calling it the right thing to do for the church. and we are watching wall street and your money, as well, your stocks are trading. right now the dow at 13,977, 1% away from the record high that was set in october of 2007. s&p 500 also on a solid run. it is up about 4% from its record high. minimum wage, it is also going up. that is a promise from the president during last night's state of the union address.
10:25 am
spelling out a plan to raise minimum wage from today's $7.25 an hour to $9 an hour, that in 2015. that would mean full-time minimum wage earner would make about $18,000 a year. raising the minimum wage, one of the president's campaign pledges back in 2008. not able to make it happen in the first term. president obama on the road today. this is his arrival. a little while ago, asheville, north carolina. this is an engine and transmission plant. this is where he's underlining, of course, his state of the union message about jobs, opportunities for the country's middle class in particular. >> because the true engine of america's economic growth has always been our middle class. now, there are a lot of countries that have folks at the top who are doing real well, and a bunch of folks at the bottom. but part of what set america apart was ordinary folks if they
10:26 am
worked hard, they could do well. our middle class when it's growing, when it's thriving, when there are ladders of opportunity for people to do a little bit better each year and then make sure their kids are doing even better than them, that's the american dream. >> i want to bring in dan lothian at the white house. so, dan, the president often after the day of state of the union, takes his message on the road. how does he hope this is going to pressure republicans to sit at the table and get some of the things done he wants to push forward? >> reporter: well, the strategy here, obviously, is for this message to resinate across the country and to empower voters out there to then put the pressure on lawmakers to push the president's agenda forward over the next four years. we've seen the president do this throughout the first four years whenever he had something that he was pushing, whether it's health care or any other issue, he goes out to the public, gets them to write letters, to send e-mails to their lawmakers or
10:27 am
bend their ear when they're in the district to push the president's agenda forward. this is what the president's doing, focusing on things like investments in manufacturing, in education, talking about raising the minimum wage as you pointed out a short time ago. and the president highlighted asheville, north carolina, because this is a region that the president says in the past has been hit very hard with the loss of manufacturing jobs but has seen somewhat of a revival at this particular plant that the president's been at, they were able to hire about 160 new workers, expected to hire another 40 by the end of the year. and so the goal the president says is to make this country, again, a magnet for jobs which he believes will help lift the middle class. but the big question is how will he pay for all of this? the president said it's already paid for, republicans are skeptical. and in particular, what you were talking about raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9 an hour, speaker boehner saying
10:28 am
this will only lead to a decrease in jobs that will make it much harder for employers to hire new workers. >> yeah, still very much unresolved how all of that's going to be paid for. dan, thanks again, we know the president's going to be here in atlanta tomorrow with any moves to travel to chicago on friday. marco rubio gave the gop response to the state of the union address last night. we saw that. he asked some republican voters to rate his remarks. that's what we asked. and rubio scored highest when he talked about big government. watch this. >> and the idea that more taxes and more government spending is the best way to help hardworking middle class taxpayers, that's an old idea that's failed every time it's been tried. more government isn't going to help you get ahead, it's going to hold you back. more government isn't going to create more opportunities, it's going to limit them. and more government isn't going to inspire new ideas, new businesses, and new private sector jobs. it's going to create uncertainty.
10:29 am
>> all right. you might have noticed senator rubio needed a drink of water, taking a break -- everybody's talking about it. the way he reached over for the water bottle caused all kinds of things, buzz on the internet, watch. >> nothing has frustrated me more than false choices like the one the president laid out tonight. the choice isn't just between big government or big business, what we need is an accountable, efficient, and effective government that allows small and new businesses to create more middle class jobs. >> look, i needed water, what am i going to do? so there you go. another story we were following, police surrounding a cabin where christopher dorner was holed up. a shootout ensued, a fire, and then the discovery of a body. we're going to take a closer look at how this unfolded. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody...
10:30 am
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10:32 am
at a news conference this hour, mayor cory booker said the city will never tolerate that type of cruelty. well, the mayor joins us now. and i have to say, when we watched you, really, just about 20 minutes ago, you were angry. you were visibly very angry. why? >> there's a lot of things that is sort of community anger and condemnation. first and foremost, this level of cruelty and viciousness against this young man took place in and of its first place. that beating was about human degradation, it was an act of brazen, unchecked violence. and in my opinion just behavior that was patently evil. the second thing that got me upset is that happened in august. and there were people that we have reason to believe, a number of people who watched that happen. no police report was made whatsoever. and this is what is frustrating to all of us of good conscience.
10:33 am
it's frustrating that the only thing that's necessary for evil to be triumphant is for good people to do nothing. >> why do you suppose people were just standing around watching that happen? why do you suppose that is the kind of culture that we are in at this moment? >> well, first of all, it's not the prevailing culture. and i've got seven years as mayor seeing extraordinary acts of human kindness, sacrifice, engagement. but we do know from terrorism, acts of viciousness, cruelty, throughout history that many people have lots of good excuses for doing nothing. there are good excuses like fear, for my own safety, i didn't want to get involved in something that wasn't my own business. to me, those so-called good excuses are not good enough. and it's unacceptable. and so me, this level of inaction means you are actually
10:34 am
a participant in that evil itself. and you fail to stand up to speak up. >> and cory, i want to bring up the fact -- >> you have participated in it. >> sure, you say this is not part of a widespread culture. clearly there are a lot of people that do good, but you had 40,000 people that clicked on that video that went viral. why do you think that was the case? >> well, actually, i think that was a good thing. remember, this would've not -- this was never reported. we would not know about it if people on social media, if people who saw that video didn't engage. and we immediately started getting a whole bunch of folks from newark and elsewhere, sort of bringing it to our attention that triggered an investigation that took only four days to get these people apprehended. so if it wasn't for this collective community of compassion, of concern, of outrage, this would be another one of those crimes never reported, never addressed with an individual who was a victim who never saw any state of justice. >> and cory, we know that you told us three people are now in custody and then there's -- i
10:35 am
believe the fourth is a camera man. but for the people who you said are just watching around who saw this happen, are you going after them? do we expect more arrests? >> look, you know, you know the law probably as well as i do. if you watch an injustice like that, there's nothing legally -- there's not much legally we can do. but there is a moral standard in our country that goes beyond the letter of the law. the obligations of citizenship. we would not be where we are today as a people if folks just thought our democracy was a spectator sport and they can sit on the sideline and give color commentary about what was going on. we are who we are as a nation because good people of good conscience got up and did something even if it meant putting themselves at risk. that's the spirit helping to move our city forward and that was the spirit we needed that day in august when a young man was being viciously beaten by a bunch of brutal, sort of vicious individuals who now will see their day in court. >> just to be clear, here, are there other people you'll be
10:36 am
pursuing? people who were simply watching this thing happen as participants? or you feel you have everyone in custody who was responsible? >> no, law enforcement prosecutors as well as the detectives involved have the people that we have actionable legal laws to use to go after them. but as the mayor of this city and talking to other elders in our community, other block leaders in our community, we all need to condemn those who sat back and did nothing who watched injustice and remained silent. that is an unacceptable standard and is an affront to the history of newark, to the history of the united states. >> all right. mayor cory booker, thank you very much for joining us. we really appreciate your time. thanks again. we're going to have more on this story after a quick break. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ]
10:37 am
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10:38 am
authorities in california believe that the long, frantic manhunt for christopher dorner is now over. ended in a violent showdown. this happened near big bear lake. video from cbs news capturing the gun battle at a cabin in the woods. watch. >> you guys down? >> police say that dorner barricaded himself inside the cabin which burned down to the ground. the sheriff's deputy -- a sheriff's deputy was killed, another wounded in the shootout. the deputy is the fourth person to die in dorner's rampage. i want to bring in cnn
10:39 am
contributor former fbi assistant director tom fuentes joining us via skype. we have a lot of questions here that have surfaced, particularly around this scanner traffic. on the scene and what police were saying, what they were heard saying burn it down before the cabin was set aflame. i want you to listen to this. >> we're going to go -- we're going to go forward with the plan with the burner. >> copy. we're going to open up all the lanes. >> burners deployed and we have a fire. >> copy, seven burners deployed and we have a fire. >> be ready on the number four side, we have fire in the front, he might come out the back. >> one shot fired from inside the residence. >> copy, one shot fired from inside the residence. >> copy. >> all units, all perimeter
10:40 am
units, standby and maintain discipline. >> we have explosions inside. is there any propane or anything back there we need to be aware of? >> no, not that i can see from my position. we want to have fire put water on it once the roof settles down a little bit like it's starting to collapse? >> give me some time here. we're not quite there. i still have the two and three corner that's vulnerable. >> we have ammo going off in the fire. >> tom, can you make sense of what is happening here based on this audiotape? >> it's hard to tell with absolute certainty what's going on or, you know, what their intention is. it sounds to me as though they're trying to maybe start a fire at one corner of the building with the hope he'll come out the other end and they can train all their focus on one location and not end up in a cross-fire where officers that have the bending surrounded would end up shooting at each
10:41 am
other and the risk of friendly fire. that's a strong possibility to me that they're trying to get him to come out of one specific exit from that building that they can concentrate on and only the officers on that side of the building would engage him in a shootout and not have everybody in a complete circle shooting at each other. >> there is something on the audiotape that suggests that a shot was fired. does that suggest that perhaps he killed himself? or was that the shot that killed the -- one of the deputies. do we know? >> no, we don't know. and that's just going to have to be determined if the pathologists when they do the medical examination of the body if they can determine if there's a gun shot hole in the skull if the body was preserved enough to at least identify whether the skull had been penetrated by a bullet. that may reveal the firing of a bullet at close range, it may not. it'll depend on their determination or their estimation of what happened to the body.
10:42 am
>> when you listen to that tape, does it indicate that the negotiations were over? that that was done with? it was just time to go in and get this guy? >> i would think so. it sounds like there may not have been much negotiation on the part of dorner. that he was in any mood to talk to them or have any kind of a discussion about what he was doing. and, you know, it seems like his response to every situation was to open fire. it usually as the aggressor rather than the defender as he was in this case. i don't know, i don't think the police had any reason to believe that he could be talked out of it or he's going to surrender or this is going to end any way peacefully in terms of that. i think all it took for the police department to have to determine before making the assault was that he was absolutely alone and that there was no risk of danger to other innocent people that might have been in that cabin. >> all right. tom, thank you. really appreciate it. still at lot of unanswered questions. he persuaded the guests of the state of the union address last night to give up their tickets.
10:43 am
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10:46 am
new york's fashion week comes to a close tomorrow. a lot of runway shows, fittings events, of course. not all glamour and fun. some fashion insiders work marathon day. even during that snowstorm. alina cho with an hour-by-hour look behind the scenes. >> reporter: mickey boardman, our cameras simultaneously followed them on new york fashion week's first big day. >> we already have -- >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., fargo's at the office. >> let's go through our schedule. we're up to 70 appointments this week. and shows. it's getting kind of crazy. >> still looking for that old scroll -- >> reporter: 9:30, mickey's at his office downtown.
10:47 am
>> who are you going to see today? >> kate spade, jason wu. >> reporter: he's off to the shows. >> hello, hello. hello. >> are you coming to the party tonight? >> i think so. >> reporter: noon already. >> how are you? >> reporter: model lu wen is backstage. >> sometimes you're tired, just eat a little bit of chocolate, make you happy. >> reporter: front of house, we're back with boardman. >> it's a lot of pushing, shoving, waiting, standing, sitting. >> reporter: fargo is still en route. >> hello, milan. >> reporter: what are your tips for surviving the week and month? >> i think there's a little bit of just say no. no thank you. people call this fashion week and you have to remember it's really fashion month. we go to london and then milan and paris. >> reporter: in new york alone, there are more than 300 shows over the course of eight days.
10:48 am
it's one of the biggest media events in the city bringing in some $200 million to the local economy. hotels, cabs, parties a lot of running around. ♪ 1:00 p.m., on the cat walk, boardman and fargo are there. 3:00 p.m., another show with fargo who is looking for inspiration for her store and for the windows. off to another appointment. >> the other thing is always to find your car when they all look the same. >> right. >> reporter: 5:00 p.m., the show, look who's here. 6:00 p.m., in the car with lu wen. >> so great, of course tired. >> reporter: 7:00 p.m., fitting. >> kind of nice. okay. >> let me guess, 7:45? >> reporter: we end the day with fargo at an event celebrating new designers. >> 11 hours later. >> 11 hours, that's not so bad. >> reporter: cnn, new york.
10:49 am
and you can watch alina's special "fashion: backstage pass" saturday at 2:30 p.m. eastern here on cnn. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
10:50 am
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if your teenagers have having babies in america, according to the cdc there was an 8% drop between 2010 and 2011. about 3% of teenagers had children in 2011. that is an all time low. a researcher who studies teen
10:52 am
pregnancy at johns hopkins university believes the reason is more teens are using birth control. for years doctors have told women to take folic acid if they plan to get pregnant to prevent birth defects. now a new study finds folic acid might have another benefit. elizabeth cohen takes a look. >> reporter: as autism rates grow, many parents are wondering is there anything they can do to help decrease the chances that their child will get autism? well, really there is not much out there that parents can do, which is why experts are so excited about this new study out of norway. these researchers, they followed about 85,000 women during pregnancy and then they took a look at the children and followed up on them for many years thereafter. what they found is that very few of these children developed autism. it was less than half of 1%. but they did find something interesting. and that is that when the moms took folic acid early in their pregnancy, they were 39% less likely to have a child with
10:53 am
autism. so these moms, they took folic acid supplements very early in the pregnancy, before the eighth week, that's before some women know they're pregnant, which is why doctors would recommend you actually start taking folic acid before you get pregnant. now, this link between folic acid and decreasing the chances of getting autism, it is not solid, not for sure, more research needs to be done. but doctors do know that women should take folic acid supplements very early in their pregnancy to prevent spina bifida and other neural defects. it is a good idea to take the supplements anyways. it couldn't hurt and it certainly does help. back to you. >> thanks. victims of gun violence received a special honor at the state of the union. we're going to talk to one of the honorees up next.
10:54 am
10:55 am
president obama got a long-standing ovation last night during the state of the union address when he said that gun violence victims deserve a vote in congress. >> hadiya's parents are in the chamber tonight along with more than two dozen americans whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote.
10:56 am
the families of oak creek and tucson and blacksburg and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> congressman jim landovan persuaded his colleagues to give up their guest passes so others could come to the address. sammy rahamin was one of the guests. he was in the gallery. he joins us now. sammy, first of all, very good to see you. my condolences. i know you lost your father just last year, that your father was shot at work, and i know that this must be a very difficult year for you. what did you think about? how did you feel, the fact that you came there and you were personally invited to be there with the president? >> yeah, my congressman, representative keith ellison of minneapolis invited me to be his guest at the state of the union. i've known congressman ellison
10:57 am
for a few years now, through various political activism type of works and i was really honored to have the congressman invite me and be a part of the state of the union. i had the opportunity to meet with president obama last monday in minneapolis when he came to discuss gun violence and gun violence prevention. and he was absolutely right when he said that we all deserve a vote. >> sammy, when you talk to the president, what did you tell him? what do you want from him? >> well, really main thing i said to the president was a big thank you. he has been bold and courageous as gabby giffords implored him to do, as she implored congress to do as well, that the time is now. the time is absolutely now. the president has said that multiple times. he's also said that if we can save even one life from gun violence death, then we have the obligation to try and i've said i believe that if we pass background checks, if we pass an assault weapons ban, an
10:58 am
effective assault weapons ban and limit high capacity magazines, we'll save many more than simply one life. >> sammy, how does this impact you personally? i know there is nothing that could possibly bring your father back, who was shot and killed. but what does this mean for you personally? >> well, this is how we can honor him. the president said to me, you know, sammy, you can't change the past. but you can change the future. you can change how the past affects you. and we have a serious problem, an epidemic of gun violence in our country. 33 americans are killed every day. 12,000 will be killed this year unless we act. and i believe that i can honor my dad's memory and the others who have fallen through the plague of gun violence if we act and introduce and pass measures that will effectively reduce this epidemic. >> what does the rest of your family think? they must be pretty proud of you right now. >> yes, they're all very proud. but this is a team effort, i
10:59 am
cannot be doing this without them. my sister maya is doing great work herself. she lives here in d.c. and she's very accessible to the federal legislature as i'm working very hard at the state level of minnesota. and have been blessed to have the opportunity to be here for a survivors lobbying day with mayor bloomberg's coalition, mayors against illegal guns. >> all right, sammy, we wish you and your family the very best. thanks again. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks. see this fluffy cute little guy? his name, banana joe, just wowed the judges at the westminster dog show. we'll tell you all about him. up next. to pick up some accessories.d a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪